Simplicity Sleep Intensive

Cover for the course Simplicity Sleep Intensive. Photo of baby sleeping on his/her back.

What is Simplicity Sleep Intensive?  When you need to make changes to sleep, sometimes you need the essential information and an action plan. No frills. No extra stuff.  That is what Simplicity Sleep Intensive is. It’s not more work on your part than any of my other courses, just lots of information packed into an […]

Breastfeeding workshop

Graphic showing a mum breastfeeding her baby. Text reads "Breastfeeding workshop"

This is a recorded version of the breastfeeding workshop that I run in person. It runs for 1 hour and 20 minutes and covers: The principles behind successful breastfeeding Normal infant behaviour Support and practical ideas Also included are around 40 minutes of instructional videos covering different ways of latching a baby on, hand expressing […]

Simplicity Sleep: 3-5 years of age

preschooler happily sleeping alone

Are you frustrated and fed up with your preschooler’s sleep?  Preschooler sleep can be tough! By the time our kids are three, they should be sleeping through the night and they shouldn’t need our help to fall asleep, right? Perhaps you’re tired of the bedtime battles, the request for one more story, one more drink […]

Simplicity Sleep – From Birth to Three Months

How to improve sleep without sleep training? And can you really do anything about a newborn baby’s sleep? This course is perfect for parents who want a gentle, responsive approach to sleep in the first few months. It’s also suitable for breastfeeding mums!  For babies to sleep easily they need to be tired, comfortable, calm […]

Caring for your newborn baby

Welcome to the roller coaster of having a newborn baby! It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Having a new baby can feel so overwhelming. There’s the sleepless nights, trying to figure out breastfeeding, a little person who squirms, grimaces and cries a lot, and you haven’t a clue what they need. […]

SIMPLICITY SLEEP 18 months – 3 years

Do you need help with your toddler’s sleep?  Toddlers certainly know how to make bedtime hard! Are you frustrated because you’re still trying to get them to sleep two hours after you started their bedtime routine? Perhaps they’re waking up frequently during the night. Maybe they keep coming into your bed during the night.  Naps […]

SIMPLICITY SLEEP – Newborns to 18 months

What is Simplicity Sleep? Simplicity Sleep is a unique baby sleep course. It’s not sleep training, because babies already have an inbuilt ability to sleep. (Honestly! They really do!) This programme is about harnessing your baby’s natural ability to fall asleep, by removing some of the roadblocks to sleep.  As you progress through the course, you’ll […]

SIMPLICITY SLEEP – from newborns to 3 years old

What is Simplicity Sleep?  Simplicity Sleep is a unique sleep course. It’s not sleep training, it’s sleep coaching. In this programme, we don’t coach babies or toddlers to sleep, as they already have an inbuilt ability to sleep. This programme is about coaching you.  As you learn some new skills and techniques, you’ll find that you become more […]


This online course is currently free, and covers: Choosing a place of birth Pain relief options in labour Birth plans How labour progresses Active birth And more! This course is currently FREE