This course looks at what happens with babies between three and six months: Normal infant development, including milestones, teething, and what you can do as a parent to promote your baby’s development. Feeding (breastfeeding and bottlefeeding)  Introducing solids – when and how Sleep – what’s normal, how to improve sleep and establish routines And more! …


This course helps prepare you for the first few weeks with a baby.  Learn about what’s normal in the early days, with regards to sleep, feeding, and baby behaviour.  There is also practical, and evidence based advice on topics like routines, colic, reflux and allergies.  This course is free until Easter 2021.


This online course is currently free, and covers: Choosing a place of birth Pain relief options in labour Birth plans How labour progresses Active birth And more! This course is free until Easter 2021.

Night weaning

If you’re breastfeeding and thinking about night weaning, this webinar is for you.  We’ll discuss the relationship between sleep and night feeding.  Do parents get more sleep when their children stop feeding at night?  Are there any advantages and disadvantages to night weaning?  Every family has different circumstances. If you decide that now is the …