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Cover for the course Simplicity Sleep Intensive. Photo of baby sleeping on his/her back.

What is Simplicity Sleep Intensive? 

When you need to make changes to sleep, sometimes you need the essential information and an action plan. No frills. No extra stuff. 

That is what Simplicity Sleep Intensive is. It’s not more work on your part than any of my other courses, just lots of information packed into an intensive 1.5 hour course! It’s broken down into:

1. Sleep Solutions – this module covers all the background stuff that can affect sleep. Make sure that none of these roadblocks are affecting sleep before you start making changes to sleep. 

2. Sleep Shaping – we take an detailed look at overnight sleep and naps. I then discuss strategies for improving night waking, early waking, nap battles, prolonged bedtimes, establishing routines, and more! 

3. Sleep Strategies – need to change how or where sleep happens? This module gives you clear steps for changing contact sleep, co-sleeping, feeding to sleep, rocking to sleep etc. All with a no cry-it-out guarantee. 

Get a clear step by step guide to improving sleep. You can have better sleep for a fraction of the cost of my other courses, or a one-to-one consultation. My no-frills bonuses include: the essential checklist for safe sleep, and my sleep workbook, so you can plan the changes you need to make. 

This course is suitable for babies over the age of 4 months and toddlers. I have separate courses for newborns and preschoolers here