White woman (Rebecca Scott-Pillai) smiling at the camera. She wears a green top.

My own journey to confident, responsive, gentle parenting

Motherhood was really hard for me when I had my first baby. I remember feeling anxious, confused and full of self-doubt. The exhaustion and constant demands of a newborn were overwhelming at times. I understood the importance of responsive, gentle parenting, but it didn’t come naturally. I wanted to be the best parent I could be, but it was hard meeting my own high standards.

Over the last 10 years, as I’ve parented my two children I’ve learned so much. Not only about looking after children, but learning how to manage that overwhelm, how to move from perfectionist to realist while still being a good parent.

Before I had my first child, I was a midwife for 15 years (in Northern Ireland) and absolutely loved it. Becoming a mother prompted me to move into more specialized parent support.

I really struggled with breastfeeding when I had my first baby, and that prompted me to find out more about breastfeeding. In 2016, I qualified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), which is the gold standard in breastfeeding support. If you need help with breastfeeding, you’ll find more information here

After lots of inquiries about sleep from breastfeeding parents, I decided I needed to do a great sleep course. In 2020 I completed the Holistic Sleep Coaching Course to level six (degree level). This comprehensive course gave me lots of new skills to help families find gentle, responsive solutions to sleep challenges, that were still compatible with breastfeeding, and doesn’t involve sleep training. You can find more information on how I can help with your child’s sleep here

Newborn babies and their parents have a special place in my heart. That transition to parenting can be so tough. Our understanding of babies is often limited by our societal expectations of babies. Our instincts tell us to cuddle our babies and keep them close, while well-meaning relatives tell us the opposite. Finding your own parenting rhythm takes time and some gentle support.

 I’m absolutely passionate about supporting families and providing them with the tools to meet their parenting goals. I especially love working with parents who value responsive, gentle parenting – they are my kind of people! To that end, I can also draw on several other courses I’ve done, including the Neuroprotective Developmental Care of babies, Brazelton Newborn Observations, certification in Colic, Reflux and Infant Allergies (OCN level 3), certification in Perinatal Mental Health Awareness (OCN level 4) and Sling Consultant, as well as several courses at the Neufeld Institute!   

All this really means is that when we discuss your parenting concerns, I’m able to draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you find the right solution for your family. Ultimately, as the expert in YOUR baby, you’re the one who decides what to do, I’ll just guide you to that point where you can make confident, clear decisions to meet your goals. We can meet face to face in your own home, at my clinic in Lisburn, or online via Zoom. 

The service I offer is based on research and experience, compassion and realistic expectations