Guiding loving parents to discover their unique path to becoming confident, settled and enjoying every moment with their new family member(s).

Rebecca has over 20 years of experience supporting parents and helping you while settling into your new parent roles and gentle approaches to getting a good nights sleep.

How Rebecca Supports Families

My promise to you…

“we will work together to find your gentle & adaptable approach, perfect for your unique family.”

On this website you’ll find a range of services to meet your parenting needs. If you have a breastfeeding issue, there is expert help available. If you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, there are packages to suit your needs. And if you’re overwhelmed with parenting a newborn, there’s a great support programme for you too!

It can be really hard to work out the right decisions for your family. Sometimes you need to make compromises. Every family is different, and every family has different resources at their disposal; the dynamics of each family are unique. This is why Rebecca will take the time to work out the best approach for all of you, using a flexible, but collaborative approach. Rebecca has 20 years experience working with families; find out more about her here.

Hi! I’m Rebecca

I’m passionate about supporting families. 

I believe that babies are tiny humans that deserve our gentle care.

They communicate those needs to us, and thrive when those needs are met.

Therefore, I won’t suggest anything that neglects your child’s physical and emotional needs.

I always respect what your child is developmentally capable of.