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What is Simplicity Sleep?

Simplicity Sleep is a unique baby sleep course. It’s not sleep training, because babies already have an inbuilt ability to sleep. (Honestly! They really do!) This programme is about harnessing your baby’s natural ability to fall asleep, by removing some of the roadblocks to sleep.  As you progress through the course, you’ll learn some new skills and techniques, and you’ll find that you become more confident and relaxed about facilitating your baby’s sleep

What does the course involve? 

Simplicity Sleep starts with the easiest changes first, and gently works on improving sleep for every one. With a strong foundation of sleep biology and attachment, this course will help you understand why your baby sleeps the way they do, and find solutions to make sure everyone gets better sleep. The three basic steps in this course are:

  • Simple Sleep Solutions – easy steps to improving sleep by removing roadblocks
  • Sleep Shaping – adjusting naps and bedtimes 
  • Sleep Strategies – gentle techniques for changing how your baby falls asleep

However, this course has so much more! There is a module on safe sleep, as well as a module addressing your sleep needs and self care. Each module is broken down into manageable chucks of video for you to watch. There is also written content, AND a sleep workbook for each module. The sleep workbook is packed full with checklists and step by step guides to help you plan changes to sleep. 

This baby sleep course is perfect for you if: