Online sleep consultations for breastfeeding families

Gentle approach with no sleep training

Sleep consultations that are breastfeeding friendly

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When breastfeeding is important to you, you need a solution that doesn’t involve stopping breastfeeding.

Or perhaps you want to stop breastfeeding, but don’t know how to because your child feeds to sleep or feeds all night!

When you book a consultation, you benefit from the expertise of someone who is both a lactation consultant as well as a paediatric sleep consultant.


That’s ok! I’m more than happy to work with families who aren’t breastfeeding.

How a sleep consultation works


We have an in-depth consultation to discuss your family’s unique needs.

You have a plan

At the end of the consultation you’ll have a detailed plan for moving forward. 

Better sleep!

Your child will fall asleep easily and sleep better. You’ll be more rested and confident about sleep.

Parenting is hard work, especially when you're exhausted

You know it’s important to respond to your child at night, but you’re exhausted because it feels like you are up every hour. Trying to get your child to sleep has become a huge frustration that takes up so much time.

When you’re breastfeeding it’s hard to share bedtimes and overnight wakes.

You want to change sleep but you DON’T want to sleep train or leave your child to cry.

Helping your child fall asleep should be easy and relaxing! 

It can be. 

During a consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, your family’s needs and your child’s sleep. We then come up with a plan that meets your goals. 

We work with your child’s natural ability to sleep so that they can fall asleep easily and everyone gets more rest. We’ll take the frustration out of sleep and make it calm process for everyone. 

When you get more rest, and your child falls asleep quickly, you’ll no longer feel tired and frustrated. You’ll get more downtime. You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed, with the energy to be the parent you want to be. 

When sleep gets back on track:

White baby sleeping on his back.

Responsiveness guarantee

Being responsive means that we acknowledge that parenting doesn’t stop at bedtime. Some night waking is normal, and night feeds are common into toddlerhood. 

Gentle really does mean gentle

These sleep consultations are so gentle they can start from birth and are suitable up to school age. I understand how important being gentle and responsive is to you. I’ve never left my own children to cry at nighttime, and I won’t ask you to do that with yours either. 

Unique plans designed specifically for your family

As a sleep consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of families get more sleep without leaving their child to cry. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Each sleep plan is unique, because each family is unique. I can guarantee that I’ll never recommend a non-responsive approach or traditional sleep training. Instead, we’ll come up with a plan together that is flexible, sustainable and responsive.

Some children are more intense and need more support than others. We always work with your child’s capability, and if we CAN’T reduce their need for support at night time, then we can look at other options: your self-care and wellbeing, and ways to make parenting easier in other areas. Your needs matter too. 

We don’t need to sleep train

Children don’t need to be trained to sleep. Sleep is a necessary biological process. A sleep consultation lets us use their natural need for sleep to improve HOW they sleep. Many parents see an improvement in their child’s sleep after just adjusting naps and bedtime, but there is so much else we can try too! 

As a sleep consultant, my main goal is to help you maintain your connection with your child, while improving sleep for everyone. 

One to One Consultations

This is a cost effective option for tackling straightforward sleep issues. This one hour call is perfect for: 

  • one issue that you need help with eg nap battles, frequent night waking, early waking etc,
  • babies under the age of 3 months – establishing healthy sleep habits,
  • night weaning a toddler.
You’ll get a: 
  • one hour consultation
  • sleep diary analysis
  • copy of my sleep guide
  • written plan
  • recording of our consultation
There is no follow up with this consultation, but you can book “pay as you go” support. 
Baby girl sleeping on her back. An adult is holding her hand. Text reads Full Sleep Consultation £397

This consultation is ideal if you have more complex sleep issues or you need more support. I recommend this consultation option for babies between 3 and 12 months. 

You’ll get a:

  • consultation lasting 1 -1.5 hours
  • sleep diary analysis
  • copy of my sleep guide
  • video resources
  • written plan
  • a recording of our consultation


Ongoing support consists of:

  • sleep diary analysis, with fine tuning of bedtime and nap timings
  • 6 weeks of email/text support
  • 30 minute zoom call/ phone call once a week for six weeks

Other options

Common concerns addressed during a consultation

Is your sleep concern not listed here? Then make sure that you book a 15 minute call to chat about your family’s sleep needs. I’ll always be honest and say if I can help or not. No false promises, just realistic advice!

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Five simple tips for improving sleep
Download your free guide today

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Discover how to:

  • Make naps easier
  • Reduce night waking 
  • Feel less stressed about your child’s sleep
  • Work out how much sleep your child actually needs
  • All while being responsive and gentle with your child!

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