How can I help?

Do you want a gentle, responsive approach to improving sleep?

Do you want to make changes to your child’s sleep without leaving them to cry?

Are you exhausted, and don’t know where to start?

As a certified and registered Holistic Sleep Coach, I use gentle techniques to shape and improve your child’s sleep.

If you’re breastfeeding, I work with you to protect that breastfeeding relationship. If you’re bottlefeeding, I’ll work with you around those feeding goals too.

I can help take the battle out of bedtime, and help everyone get more sleep. I can help you come up with a plan that is gentle and respectful, without leaving your child to cry alone, ever. Each plan is unique, because each child and family is unique.

I run regular online sleep workshops for different age groups, from newborn through to preschoolers, you can book one here.

Issues I can help with:

I can work with children of any age, from newborns through to school age.

Please note, I don’t endorse any methods that involve leaving a child to cry, I won’t recommend full nightweaning under the age of a year, and I will reassure you that night waking is normal (not even adults sleep a full night without waking!).  To make sure that my methods are appropriate for your family and your parenting values, I recommend that you book a FREE call to chat about your goals first.

Support Options;

SIMPLICITY SLEEP - self paced course **coming soon** This comprehensive course will take you through the same steps I take with my one-to-one clients. This course focuses on the science behind sleep and uses what we know about sleep biology to improve sleep for everyone. There is a workbook and access to a Facebook group for support.

ONE TO ONE SLEEP PACKAGE This sleep package includes a comprehensive questionnaire, an online consultation and a customized sleep plan. Cost: £200

ADD ONS Additional support to either the course or the One to One Sleep package:

• One support consultation (30 mins) £50

• Bundle of 3 support consultations (30 mins each) £100

• Face to face consultation - add £30 to any consultation*

*subject to Covid-19 restrictions. Mileage also applies.