Book a sleep consultation

Investment: £95

This is a cost effective option for tackling straightforward sleep issues. This one hour call is perfect for: 

  • one issue that you need help with eg nap battles, frequent night waking, early waking etc,
  • babies under the age of 3 months – establishing healthy sleep habits,
  • night weaning a toddler.


You’ll get a: 

  • one hour consultation
  • sleep diary analysis
  • copy of my sleep guide
  • written plan
  • recording of our consultation
There is no follow up with this consultation, but you can book “pay as you go” support.  

The steps you need to take:

1. You book a one hour appointment.

2. Complete a sleep questionnaire and sleep diary.

3. We plan the changes you need to make, during our consultation. 

Investment: £397

This consultation is ideal if you have more complex sleep issues or you need more support. I recommend this consultation option for babies between 3 and 12 months. 

You’ll get a:

  • consultation lasting 1 -1.5 hours
  • sleep diary analysis
  • copy of my sleep guide
  • video resources
  • written plan
  • a recording of our consultation

Ongoing support consists of:

  • sleep diary analysis, with fine tuning of bedtime and nap timings
  • 6 weeks of email/text support
  • 30 minute zoom call/ phone call once a week

The steps you need to take: 

1. You book a one hour appointment

2. Complete your sleep questionnaire and sleep diary

3. Get started on improving your family’s sleep during our one hour consultation. 

Not sure which is the best option for you?