Breast refusal/breast aversion: how to resolve it

A young baby is crying in a woman's arms

Breast refusal/breast aversion: how to resolve it Breast aversion or breast refusal is deeply distressing. It feels like your baby is rejecting you or doesn’t like breastfeeding. My first baby was like this. I persisted for months trying to breastfeed and eventually I accepted that I was going to be exclusively pumping. So I personally […]

Exclusive pumping /exclusive expressing

Woman using a breast pump, while looking at and touching her baby

Exclusive Pumping/ Exclusive Expressing Many women end up exclusively pumping breastmilk.  Some through choice, some through circumstances beyond their control.  I totally understand that there can be strong emotions to work through, especially if you wanted to breastfeed directly and for what ever reason, that hasn’t worked out.  I exclusively pumped for my first for […]

Paced bottlefeeding

Cartoon of a mum doing paced bottlefeeding with her baby

Paced bottlefeeding is a useful technique to use, both for the breastfeeding infant who needs to be bottlefed occasionally, but also for the exclusively bottlefed infant.