This course is designed to help you improve sleep in the easiest way possible. If you are keen to improve sleep for your family and you have a bit of time to introduce changes gradually, then I recommend you follow the course in the way it is laid out. It will take you along the path of least resistance! As you progress through the course and start to implement some of the easy changes, you’ll notice sleep improves automatically. You may find that that is enough, and you’ve improved sleep enough without needing to go any further. If, however, you do need to keep making changes, then those changes will be easier, because you’ve already improved sleep. My goal at the end of this course is that you feel calm and relaxed about how sleep happens, and that you’ve found the simplest, easiest way to improve sleep for your family.

I understand that time is at a premium for parents, and that finding the time to do a sleep course might not be easy. Each module contains written and video content, as well as a workbook for you to download and write in. I’ve tried to accommodate as many learning styles as possible, so you can read, listen, watch and do. Almost all the written content is included in the video presentations, so you won’t miss anything if you don’t have the time to read through the whole course material – but it is there for your reference, if you need it.

Suggested plan for taking this course

If you are still pregnant or have a baby under the age of 3 months, then the following modules will be the most relevant for now:

  1. Simple Sleep Solutions 0-3 months
  2. Sleep Science 0-18 months
  3. Sleep Safety (Bonus module)
  4. Simplify Your Life (Bonus module)

Once your baby is over 3 months, all of the following modules are relevant, although I’d recommend you watch them in the following order:

  1. Simple Sleep Solutions 3-18 months
  2. Sleep Science 0-18 months
  3. Sleep Safety (Bonus module) 
  4. Sleep Shaping 3-18 months
  5. Simplify Your Life (Bonus module)
  6. Sleep Solutions 3-18 months

Are you facing a sleep crisis?

Maybe you don’t have the luxury of time. You need a quick solution, fast. Perhaps you need to change your sleeping arrangements very quickly or perhaps your physical or mental health is suffering due to lack of sleep. If you need to make a significant change in less than a week, but still want to do it as gently as possible, I’d suggest you book a free call with me, so we can very quickly identify the key lessons to look at on this course:

Need some face to face support?

This course covers everything that I might discuss with my one-to-one clients. In fact, my one-to-one clients are given access to this course as well! If at any stage you’d like to add on a consultation with me there are three ways you can do it:

  1. You can book a “mini-consult” to discuss one particular issue you are having. This costs £50. You’ll get a short questionnaire beforehand, a 30 minute zoom consultation with me, and a follow up email with a short, bullet point plan. 
  2. Book a face to face consultation (subject to covid restrictions) for a specific issue, such as as feeding assessment, a tongue tie assessment, or unsettled behaviour in very young babies. I charge £100 plus mileage for this, and usually include a few weeks of follow up via email, depending on the issue. 
  3. Upgrade to a full one-to-one sleep package at any stage. I currently charge £200 for this (and you deduct the price that you’ve paid for this course). My one-to-one package includes: a detailed sleep questionnaire and sleep diary, an online zoom consultation that lasts around an hour, and a customized, detailed sleep plan. I’m also available to troubleshoot via email for a couple of weeks following the initial zoom consultation.

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