The first three months of a baby’s life is traditionally known as the fourth trimester. This is a period of adjustment for babies AND their parents. As a newborn expert, I provide a wide range of support for parents during these first three months of life. 

I offer a fantastic online course, which is ideal for new parents:

The course Caring for your newborn baby takes you through each week of your baby’s life, from week 1 to week 14. Throughout the course, you’ll learn what’s normal, what’s not, and you get a great reference guide as well! 

This course replaces my face to face Fourth Trimester group. However, if you are keen for some face to face support with your newborn, there are a few other options too. 

Parent Support Group in Lisburn

Would you like to join other parents in a friendly, relaxed environment, for a chat and a hot drink?

Do you want ongoing support from an expert in newborn behaviour, breastfeeding and sleep?

Then pop into my parent support group! It’s held every Wednesday morning between 10 and 11:30 am at Complete Wellness Therapies, 37 Bridge Street, Lisburn. I charge £3 to attend, although if you’ve signed up for my fourth trimester course, Caring for your baby, Caring for you, please feel free to come along for free! If you’d like to come along to the group, please let me know first:

Further support in the Fourth Trimester

If you want to know more about my one to one support, you can read more about it here: Newborn support, colic, reflux, crying – Lisburn: Rebecca Scott-pillai (

I also offer breastfeeding consultations: Expert support with breastfeeding – Northern Ireland : Rebecca Scott-pillai (

Below is a video explaining the Fourth Trimester that I shared to my New Parent Facebook group. You can join the Facebook group here.