The early days with a newborn can be really tough. Often the way our babies behave is totally different to what we expected. They cry a lot more and sleep a lot less than we thought they would! Often, there is so much conflicting advice from people around you and on the internet, it’s hard to know what to believe.

I offer a bespoke and comprehensive approach to supporting you in the early weeks.

We’ll schedule weekly chats and identify the areas that most concern you. In between times, you’re welcome to message me for support and reassurance.

In some instances, I’ll reassure you that the behaviour is normal. In other instances, we’ll look at different things you can try to make life a little bit easier for you and your baby. I may suggest small changes to feeding and holding your baby, or carry out a more in depth assessment to identify potential issues like allergy. While I cannot diagnose medical problems, I can help point you in the right direction if I think it is needed. If I feel further support is necessary, I’ll help you find that support.

You can download my FREE Sleep Tips for Newborns here and my FREE guide to the Fourth Trimester here.  

You’ll find some more information about normal newborn behaviour on my blog page.

This package is for you if your baby is under 8 weeks and you’re struggling with:

Your Early Days Support Package;

The Early Days Support Package costs £100,* and depending on your needs can include face to face support, phone calls or messages. Support usually ends at around 3 months, but will depend on your needs. *If all support takes place remotely, rather than in your home, I can offer a reduced price of £70. For in person visits, additional mileage charges will apply. Payment plans are available.