What is cluster feeding: 10 things you need to know

Graphic showing a a woman breastfeeding. Caption reads: What is cluster feeding? 10 things you need to know

What is cluster feeding: 10 things you need to know If you are breastfeeding your baby (or possibly even bottlefeeding), you will find that at some point your baby cluster feeds. Parents often find cluster feeding to be worrying and exhausting. Here are 10 common questions parents may have: 1: What is cluster feeding? As […]

Best Breastfeeding Gifts for New Mums

Cover photo for blog: Best Breastfeeding Gifts for New Mums

Best Breastfeeding Gifts for New Mums  Breastfeeding gifts to put in a basket Do you have a friend who has just given birth and is breastfeeding her baby? Perhaps you want to support her decision to breastfeed, but you’re searching for the perfect breastfeeding gifts? I’ve compiled a list of items that you can easily […]

The ultimate guide to breastfeeding and sleep

A woman is lying on her bed with her eyes closed. Her baby is lying next to her breastfeeding

The ultimate guide to breastfeeding and sleep This blog on breastfeeding and sleep is based on the talk I did for Breastival 2023 entitled Baby Sleep.  Is breastfeeding to blame for your lack of sleep? Almost all my sleep clients are breastfeeding (or have breastfed in the past). Likewise, I usually give my breastfeeding clients […]

Breast refusal/breast aversion: how to resolve it

A young baby is crying in a woman's arms

Breast refusal/breast aversion: how to resolve it Breast aversion or breast refusal is deeply distressing. It feels like your baby is rejecting you or doesn’t like breastfeeding. My first baby was like this. I persisted for months trying to breastfeed and eventually I accepted that I was going to be exclusively pumping. So I personally […]

Blocked ducts and mastitis

Woman holding a painful breast

Do you have breast engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis? The advice has changed as to how we manage blocked ducts or mastitis! We no longer recommend that you do any of the following: massage the affected area in your breast vigorously,  feed/pump more than normal on the affected side.   Read on to find out why […]

Exclusive pumping /exclusive expressing

Woman using a breast pump, while looking at and touching her baby

Exclusive Pumping/ Exclusive Expressing Many women end up exclusively pumping breastmilk.  Some through choice, some through circumstances beyond their control.  I totally understand that there can be strong emotions to work through, especially if you wanted to breastfeed directly and for what ever reason, that hasn’t worked out.  I exclusively pumped for my first for […]

Are you making enough breastmilk for your baby?

Newborn baby breastfeeding

Am I making enough breastmilk for my baby? One of the biggest concerns new mums have, is whether they are making enough breastmilk.  This is a worry that new mums have had for thousands of years!  Throughout the world, parents have used herbs, potions, spells, incantations, wet nurses and a variety of little cups and […]

Paced bottlefeeding

Cartoon of a mum doing paced bottlefeeding with her baby

Paced bottlefeeding is a useful technique to use, both for the breastfeeding infant who needs to be bottlefed occasionally, but also for the exclusively bottlefed infant.

Changing your position can reduce breastfeeding pain

Cartoon of a blonde woman breastfeeding a mixed race baby

Changing your position can reduce breastfeeding pain Why is positioning important for reducing breastfeeding pain? Nose to nipple, nose to nipple, nose to nipple… you’ve probably heard that mantra. I wouldn’t START there though. If anything, lining a baby’s nose up to your nipple is the last step in a series of steps.  If you […]

World Breastfeeding Week 2020

WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2020 The environmental impact of infant feeding The theme of this year’s breastfeeding week is the impact of infant feeding on the environment and how this affects our planet and our health. It’s a great theme.  After all, we know that climate change is a real crisis that will affect most of […]