Book a troubleshooting call


This option is perfect for families who only need to address one issue and who don’t have complex sleep needs. 

You may wish to book this option for: 

  • bedtime battles,
  • early rising, 
  • frequent waking, 
  • if your child resists naps. 

This is also a perfect option for parents who need some reassurance about what they’re currently doing, for parents of newborns, or if you aren’t sure if your child has “normal” sleep. 

The trouble shooting call is a no-frills option – no prep on your part beforehand, and you’ll not get any written information from me. We’ll do a 45 minute Zoom call and work through your questions. At the end you get a recording of the call. 

You’ll feel confident, with a clear plan to work with. 

**Please note that there is no follow up included.** 

Cost: £75

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